ZlowMotion: the rhythm of the waves . The ZlowMotion is an extreme porch swing. It can accommodate up to 12 people, measuring an impressive 10 x 4 x 8 meters. For smaller spaces, the ZlowMotion can be downsized as needed. Pink Steenvoorden originally designed it for the interactive, site based listening project Oh The Sea (Oh Die Zee), directed by Ingrid van Frankenhuyzen. The audience in this project would sit down on three locations and listen to fragments of Homer’s Odyssey over headphones. One of these locations featured three ZlowMotions, designed to mimic the rhythm of the waves. The slow arc of swing -just beneath your natural heart beat- ensures a almost Zen state of being. Hence the name ZlowMotion. The success of Steenvoorden’s design spawned a number of spinoff applications: ZlowMotions featured prominently in a bespoke roof terrace design commissioned by a company at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, on a outside seating area of a restaurant, as well as festivals, where it serves as a landmark event meeting point.

ZlowMotion construction and applications. The ZlowMotion is a robust construction designed for semi-public spaces. The structure consists of galvanized 1½” scaffolding tube, connected by tube clamps. The base and seating material can be varied to best suit the surroundings (at The Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, it was scaffolding planks). We produce the ZlowMotion in any size upwards from its 3,5 meter minimum width. It can be – temporarily or permanently – erected on different surfaces such as sand, soil, concrete, grass and tarmac. The ZlowMotion is especially well suited for outdoor social spaces such as gardens, terraces and beaches, or for indoor use at large conference and exhibition venues.

Pink Steenvoorden is a lighting, set and 3D designer and theatre/event producer. Pink studied mathematics at university, switched to photography at the Royal Academy of Arts KABK in The Hague, only to switch again to theatre and dance. He has worked internationally with directors/choreographers such as (a.o) Jiri Kylian and with companies such as the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), NTGent, Bacardi at the Lowlands Festival, Bread & Butter in Berlin (Joop!, G-Star), Poor Theatre Company in South Africa etc. He directs Einstein Design in The Hague, The Netherlands, where he and his technicians produce his designs in-house.

Free download pictures. Credits: Ronald Meekel.





ZlowMotion @ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2016 and Scheveningen 2018

The ZlowMotion was selected for and exhibited at the Dutch Design Week, #DDW16, at the corner of de Ketelhuisplein/Strijp S. During the night the lighting (Fairlight BV) made it extra special.

The Zlowmotion serves as an installation during audiotour/location project The Plunge in Scheveningen 2018.








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